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About me

Currently I am working on Microsoft HoloLens and building The Breakout Analytics.

My personal philosophy is every idea can be accessible to everybody. Numbers have always been my means of understanding the world, and in my work I aim to make the same ideas accessible to others.

At Microsoft HoloLens, I use data to understand the larger picture of how computer vision algorithms and humans interact. Working with scientists and engineers alike, I synthesize data to answer questions like "How distorted is a hologram?" and "Are my algorithms telling me the truth about the world?".

My work spans the entire data process. I help collect, ingest, process, massage, structure, and analyze data. I work with field agents, software engineers, product managers, and scientists alike. And to answer these questions, my work changes every day, requiring work that spans data science, computer vision, cloud computing, infrastructure development, and much more.

I graduated from Cornell University studying Computer Science and Business, having the pleasure of working with great people on projects in music recommendation and virtual voice assistants. My projects have involved several machine learning methods including neural network implementations (DeepNets & RNN's), reinforcement learning, and probabalistic modeling (hidden markov & graphical models).

Most of all, I love sports and engaging with the analytics community. That's why I created the Breakout with Leo Xia. We drive easily understandable analytics content and even develop models to evaluate college prospects. You can find our work on Twitter, Youtube, and TikTok.

Science Videos

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Electric Cars Will Break the Power Grid

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Sports Analytics

Bulletproof Drafting with Drew Osinchuk

Modern Bowl Playoff

Data Driven College Football Playoff

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2017 NFL MVP

Was Tom Brady the true MVP?

Other Projects

Alexa Challenge

Proposal for conversation up to 20 mins


Music recommendation and playlists for groups


Hands-Free tool to control a computer using the movement of your head.


Optimizes Solar Panel Placement on homes and cities by analyzing map and weather data

Industry Experience


August 2018 - Present
Software Engineer

Mixed Reality Hololens + Windows IoT.


May - August 2017
Software Development Engineer Intern

Alexa Engine Batch API development for request pipeline.


June - August 2016
Software Development Engineer Intern

Twitter Pre-roll pipeline for Draper team. Paired advertisements with videos on Twitter.

Fidelity Investments

May - August 2015
Software Development Intern

Mobile development for Personal Investing


Cornell University

BSc Computer Science and Business Minor

Concentration in Machine Learning

Contact Me

Please contact me on Twitter at @realAbhiGupta or abhigupta.1600@gmail.com



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