Books I am reading

An expose on the business practices of Theranos, a startup that claimed accurate blood tests from a single drop of blood. The company never produced readers that worked, suppressed employees who did not agree with the CEO, and defradued investors of several billion dollars.

Psychologist Jordan Peterson explains complicated human behaviors by breaking down our psychologies into simple, yet telling parts. How does one recover from a string of negative events? Why are people afraid to let their kids fail? A good read that forces the reader to reexamine their life and how subconcious feelings might be restricting them from reaching their happiest state.

Harari does a masterful job explaining the biological, psychological, and social evolution of man. How did we evolve from apes? How did money become the standard for transactions? What do we take for granted when we cross the street? This book provides an all encompassing perspective on the development of homo sapiens that I would call a must read.

Economics explained, simply. Wheelan provides accessible content about concepts including incentives, utility, and government necessity and inefficiency. A very easy read for anyone looking for an introduction to the field of Economics.

A great book for personal investment strategy. Malkiel delves into the madness of the crowds, eras of growth and bubbles, and debunks common investment tools such as smart beta. His main takeaway: Invest in index funds (ETFs) because its impossible to consistently beat the market.

Business models for companies have drastically changed since our economy has become digitized. This books illustrates (literally, it's a picture book) the key aspects of businesses today and how to build successful ones for the future.

MPC delves into the world's changing economy and its shift towards the digital age. A great analysis on the impact of automated systems, where they are being used, and the biases they learn based on the data they are trained on.


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